Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to Sensible Soccer

Hello friends,

Welcome to my fruitful attempt at a meaningful soccer blog!  The purpose of Sensible Soccer is to inform you about anything and everything related to football (soccer, to the common Americanista) in a passionate, screaming manner, much like Daniele De Rossi, inset right.  I plan on weighing in on some issues which are a) topping headlines b) delighting me c) pissing me off or d) important to you.

For the purpose of healthy, open-minded conversation, I encourage people who actually read SS to give their unabashed opinions.  I would rather this be a "360 blog" than a one dimensional "me tell you" blog.  I look forward to some spirited banter and ultimately getting the better of you (or not)!  So make your voice heard like DDR, baby.  

Some context: I am a Romanista at heart, so do not mess with the Giallorossi on this blog.  Only kind strokes to Totti's ego and Lazio shit-talking are permitted.  Other than that, anything goes.  I hope to post a few topics per week, but can not assure anything.  Furthermore, I would appreciate kind suggestions on hot topics in the soccer world to cover.

Thanks and I hope you stop by again!


  1. I think Daniele De Rossi's passionate screams are more emphatic when he has an epic beard:
    like here

  2. Though I do not know Sergelogik or the depth of his character, I agree with him. Blogger, I'd like you to explore the topics of "Who would you rather encounter in a dark alley: Gattuso or Tevez?" and "Which Italian has more beautiful hair: Pirlo or Del Piero?" Also, if you could please settle the debate on who really started the soccer riot on the Homer gets a gun episode of the Simpsons, I'd really appreciate it.