Wednesday, July 6, 2011

La Gazzetta dello Sport: Making Coaches and Directors Look Ridiculous - Daily

As I cruised through La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning I noticed a majority of their photographs were ridiculous - specifically of coaches and directors. What is going on in Italia? Check out some strange picture choices I found today:

Cesare Prandelli playin' pong

Claudio Lotito: "Huh?"

"Ho ho ho...Who's this guy think he is? The Coach?"

"F*ck this"

Cell phone shot: the moment is captured!

Another great phone shot: Luciano 'Scumbag' Moggi

Choir-boy Andrea Agnelli

And stud

Perfect shot of Luciano Spalletti...

Had to throw this intense pic of Edinson Cavani in

Shushing creeper: Massimo Moratti

What a creeper!

Do Italian coaches and directors just look hideous in pictures or is it La Gazzetta's horrible photo selections? You be the judge. 

All photos courtesy of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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