Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gracious Losers

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Barcelona lose! Due to their crashing out of the Champions League at the hands of Chelsea, my euphoric attitude has lead me to show you some of my favorite pictures from yesterday's huge embarrassing failure; with commentary.

Lionel Messi tasting disappointment. It looks bitter!

Pep Guardiola flashing the "deer-in-headlights - we lost?" look. Also could be interpreted as the "sh*t I don't really know how to coach look." 

 Andres Iniesta performing the Messi mating stance.

Iniesta: I'm nothing without you...
Messi: Don't leave me...

Xavi trying to rub the tangy defeat out of his mouth. "What is this taste, Papa Pep?"

Poor whittle Cesc Fabregas couldn't even win La Liga or the UCL in his first year at Barca.

 Alexis Sanchez, wanting his mommy.

 Gerard Pique, crying for Shakira but remembering "Whenever, Wherever..."

 Guardiola reflecting on how horrible the last week has been. Who's hiring?

Messi: "F*CK YOU"

These are my favorite shots! If anyone can find any more (tears preferred), please link me so I can add them in. I want to savor this defeat forever via my blog!

Photo Credits:
Associated Press
National PostYahoo Sports

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