Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi + Image of the Tournament

Hi all,

I am back from my two month siesta sipping cocktails with whirred ice and fruit on a beach. Actually it's more like I have been extremely lazy. Sorry!

We have witnessed a fantastic Euro 2012 so far, don't you think? Netherlands didn't make it through to the knockouts. England disappointed again. France became school-children. Italy slowly trudged to a semifinal. What could be better?! (Spain losing)

I wanted to chime in with one of my favorite images of the tournament thus far:

That's right, people. The marauding midfielder Daniele De Rossi, who is having a huge tournament, teaching Wayne Rooney that hard-men come out of Italy. Bravo Daniele!

Speaking of De Rossi, his desire to jump into a tackle is so strong he had this tattooed on his leg:

I am not sure if this tattoo is ridiculous or awesome, you be the judge, but it certainly raises eyebrows.

Photo Credits:
Assoc. Press

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