Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar 2022............

Words like 'favorite, front runner, odds-on, and shoe-in,'  were used to describe the USA's likelihood of hosting the World Cup in 2022. We had Landon Donovan sending every human in the United States emails from his BBM. We had former President Bill Clinton rubbing elbows with FIFA reps and their lovely wives. We even had Morgan Freeman singing like a songbird on behalf of the bid. How did this happen?

Qatar 2022
I pray that vuvuzelas are a thing of the past in 12 years.

There are definitely powerful political components involved with this result. Amid various reports indicating the corruption of FIFA officials by countries vying for the honor of hosting a World Cup, Sepp Blatter, FIFA's dictator, pushed the vote ahead regardless. WIKILEAKS - get to work on FIFA, will you?

It was disturbing to think I would be nearing 40 during the potential 2022 World Cup in the United States, but I came to terms with it. Now I'll be lucky if I don't have to piss 4 times a half while dealing with an ungrateful bastard of an adult son or something.

This sucks. 


  1. qatar probably bribed the fifa officials with promises of a lifetime supply of gas for their cars in exchange for the vote.

  2. and russia probably bribed them with promises of a lifetime supply of vodka in their shot glasses