Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Alessandro Del Piero!!!!

To the player who drew me to the sport of soccer all those years ago: Happy birthday Alessandro Del Piero! The 37 year old has inspired the world with his play - and hair - for many fruitful years. Tanti auguri!

Check out this compilation video Juventus made in honor of their capitan:

Though I would like to applaud Juve for their efforts, I can't help but be fed up with the Old Lady. Happy birthday Del Piero...enjoy the bench. And oh yeah, you're done after this year. Juve let their most important player in history know they are not re-signing him at a Board of Directors meeting. Not man to man. Not anything out of the ordinary for an extraordinary player. Shameful and classless.

But you know what, Del Piero pushes on. All the while, he has displayed the most professional attitude possible, fortifying the belief that he is one of the classiest footballers in the game. For his humble attitude, uplifting spirit, and goal against Germany in the semis, I wish this special, special player a buon compleanno!

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