Monday, November 7, 2011

Messi's World...?

Messi has officially made my Monday. Upon browsing the Barcelona man's Facebook page this afternoon, I noticed a series of videos in his news feed that seemed interesting. Interesting immediately turned into hilarious upon viewing.

The fact that all the videos are 11 seconds long, contain similar five word professions of love spoken by Messi himself, and are branded with the above Transformer/Batman hybrid logo, made these videos a riot.

For your pleasure:

"I love every goal."

"I'll always play like that boy from Rosario."

"I love to help children dream."

"I love to team up for my country."

Though I respect Messi's strength as a player and humble character, these videos have left me puzzled. What do they say about you Messi? That you can only explain yourself in vague one-liners in 11 second video clips? Am I the only one who thinks these are hilarious (and weird)?!

Perhaps there are fuller versions of each to come.

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