Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Moron: Big Shot Ashley Cole

Yellow? Shooting someone warrants red!

Ashley Cole allegedly shot an intern with an air rifle at Chelsea's training ground on Saturday. Apparently, the lowly lad didn't get Cole his water fast enough. The big question: what was he doing with an air rifle at training?! The clear answer: Ashley Cole is a moron.

Cole, similarly to Christian Chivu, is a defender Sensible Soccer despises. Not only does he whine, complain, and have a girl's name, he was dumb enough to bring a pellet gun to training and shoot someone with it! Nice job, moron. I wish Landon Donovan was around to break your leg again.

In other news, we have a laundry list of exciting fixtures during the week:

AC Milan vs. Napoli 
Today at 2:45pm EST

Chelsea vs. Manchester United 
Tomorrow at 2:45pm EST

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa - FA Cup
Wednesday at 2:45pm EST

Valencia vs. Barcelona
Wednesday at 4pm EST

Enjoy and practice good gun safety!


  1. it wasn't Saturday, it happened over a week ago. somehow they managed to keep it under wraps for almost a week before word got out about it.

  2. Maybe Cole threatened them to keep quiet or else.

  3. i think both ancelotti and cole will be gone before next season. the whole team lacks discipline, i want mourinho back.

  4. Ancelotti is Roma bound...I'm happy about that. You think Cole will leave?? Bet he goes to Mourinho's Madrid if he does. I wonder who will coach those misfits next season?

  5. i actually wouldn't mind Avram Grant as coach again. he's the only man to ever lead chelsea to the champions league final.

  6. Yeah, I thought he was great. He really pulled that team together. Ancelotti won them the title, but this season hasn't gone to plan.

  7. You should do a top 11 idiots of football post.

  8. Good thinking. Cole is on my starting LB on that list. Felipe Melo and Van Bommel in the midfield...De Jong? Any ideas guys?

  9. Didn't Glen Johnson get caught stealing bathroom fixtures? Of course, Andy Gray could be your starting commentator.

  10. Absolutely! And let's not forget about John Terry sleeping with a teammates wife. What a jerk and an idiot. This starting 11 is shaping might be sad that an idiot starting 11 could be a world class squad.