Thursday, February 3, 2011

Debutants Ball

As a fan, it feels good when a new signing scores in his debut. It almost makes one forget about the astronomical price tag of the modern player. It also brings hope to struggling teams and their faithful. In the Premier League last night, there were some very happy clubs and supporters beaming about their newest signings.

I present to you the debutants:

Luis Suarez Liverpool

Well...he rounded the keeper nicely!

Robbie Keane West Ham

Great take by Robbie (see 1m mark).

Daniel Sturridge Bolton

Nothing like a winner in added time on your home debut! Though Sturridge was gifted the goal, he stuck it home well (see end of highlight clip).


  1. also, adebayor scored in his debut for real madrid. how long until mourinho benches him for insubordination like mancini did?

  2. That's why they signed him on least they'll be able to squeeze a few good times out of him before shipping him back to Manchester. If anyone can get the best out of him though, it's Mourinho.