Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soccer & Art: Intertwined

Soccer is awesome. Art is awesome. Together, they are completely awesome. Check out some great soccer-related pieces, courtesy of Behance:

Alessandro Del Piero: "For the Love of the Game" by Chris Tsevis

Cristiano Ronaldo: "For the Love of the Game" by Chris Tsevis

Bastian Schweinsteiger: "Plakker Album Gellustreer" by Andreas Preis

Wayne Rooney: "Plakker Album" Andreas Preis

Ronaldinho: "Ronaldinho Textures" by Hugo Silva

Fernando Torres: "Special Soccer Player 2" Sakiroo Choi

Please click on the links in each caption for more work from these artists!


  1. the rooney one is just wrong. making him look like an inbred from west virginia.

  2. but thats whats so right about it, serge!