Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Day Blues - Your Guide To Surviving the Next Three Months

As the champions celebrate their triumph after nine months of football, we the fans weep inside and wonder what in the world we're going to do for the next three months on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sensible Soccer would like to offer you some options:

1) Monitor Transfers: As we reach the end of the season, a new one begins - one in which money is king. For the next three months, flamboyant rumors detailing big money moves of your favorite superstars will grip football media sources as the summer transfer window comes into full swing. Keep your eyes peeled on your favorite team's movements and fingers crossed for that new hero that could be signed. And if you are a Roma fan like I am, celebrate like a mad man because we now have money and possibly Carlo Ancelotti.

For the most comprehensive and honest look at the transfer window, follow the Daily Mirror's Football Spy either on footytube or YouTube.

2) Play Soccer: Why not lace up the boots, grab a few friends, and head to the park? Be healthy and exercise - it's good for you. And if you are rubbish at football, join a coed league where everyone sucks!

3) Watch International Matches: Summer is more often than not the time where country comes before club, for once. Check out a stellar set of competitions such as the Copa AmericaCONCACAF Gold Cup, or the often touted friendly (USA vs. Spain).

4) Watch Pre-season Friendlies: You know how I know soccer in America is starting to grow and get the attention of the world soccer community? When over a dozen teams from all around the globe will be playing pre-season friendlies in America this summer. So check out your local listings and tune in to the many pre-season friendlies happening here in the USA and across the world.

5) Watch the MLS: Why not support soccer in America? Watch your local teams, Americans, because the league is getting better, I promise! This comes from person who watches top-notch European football week in, week out, and claims to be "Sensible." Thus, I feel I can honestly attest to the acute increase in a) talent b) competition and c) excitement in the MLS. The progress of the league has been exceptional, even as of the last year, and the many rumors of top European talent coming to the MLS is exciting. I can literally sense John Harkes becoming too excited about US soccer as we blog.

6) Start a Blog: Why not start a blog about your favorite club, country, or league? Writing is intellectually stimulating and often liberating. Let it all hang out and tell the public how you feel! If that doesn't entice you to write, start a blog so you can promote my blog, like this guy at Forza Roma.

Oh and let us not forget the absolute feast of football we have to look forward to next Saturday at 2:45pm: the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona. Excitingly and sadly - this is football's final act of the season.

Who I want: Go United...because aren't you sick of Barcelona by now?

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