Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Congratulations Are In Order

Congratulations to the city of Manchester: the city of champions!

Both Manchester teams won silverware on Saturday; Manchester United securing their record 19th English Premier League title and Manchester City lifting the FA Cup, their first trophy in 35 years. Even though these bitter city rivals despise one another, we can all agree two title triumphs on the same day in the same city is pretty sweet. Enough with the pundits who have written "United's Premier League title has marred City's victory." Give me a break! They are both basking in their trophies!

The cups:

Evra and Nani hoist the EPL balloon trophy replica - the real one will be presented at OT

Man City lift the coveted FA Cup

The player's ridiculous antics:

Rooney...oh Rooney

Tevez acting silly

Balotelli cursing on live TV after the game...gotta love him!

Kudos to the teams from Manchester and congrats to their fans.

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