Thursday, January 26, 2012

El Clasico-FIFA '12 Correlation

El Clasico is nothing more than a bad FIFA '12 dream for Real Madrid.

Ramos receiving his marching orders after jumping near Messi
Ever play a crunch match in FIFA where you know you are better than your opponent? With the buzz of your 360 in the background, you dominate the first half, cause constant pressure, and have a bundle of goal-scoring chances. You're play is so flawless that it's only a matter of time before you score.

But then, you don't. Shots rifle off the post and your striker for some reason doesn't convert a chance he would nine times out of ten. Doubt creeps in your mind. It's going to be "one of those games," where this jerk I'm playing, who is a cheese team like Barcelona, pulls one back against the run of play. And then before half-time that exactly happens. Bam, Messi does something and somehow the balls in the back of the net. Then to compound this misery, a ridiculous strike from nowhere is scored leaving you to say: I hate this game. It's 2-0, it's Barca, there's no way back.

Nothing is more unnerving. This is El Clasico for Real Madrid. Things simply do not go their way. They deserved to win yesterday, the other day, and usually. They pounded Barca in the first half and wound up two nil down. This logically means Barcelona are so good they're cheap. They are the left trigger + Y pass to a fast player move in FIFA: downright annoying.

I could care less about La Liga, Barcelona, or Real Madrid, but watching highlights of last nights game screamed to me FIFA '12 injustice! Disagree or not, the scenario that happened to Madrid last night has happened to you while playing FIFA online or with friends.

Perhaps I'm playing too much FIFA '12?

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