Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Reflection: The Unispired Commentary of Martin Tyler

As I watched Antonio Valencia's 1st half header sail into to net during Manchester United's crunch match with Arsenal this past weekend, I was displeased by the reaction of match commentator Martin Tyler. How boring and unenthusiastic can you be when a go ahead goal is scored? You would think a hint of excitement would shake in one's voice when calling a goal, but apparently Tyler missed his cue:

This comes as no surprise to me. I find time and again, Martin Tyler is flat and dry in his commentary. His knowledge of the game is extraordinary, there's no doubting that, but he often sounds lazy and uninterested, even when exciting things are abound on the pitch. Ironically, Tyler is regaled as one of the top announcers in world football. Nothing against Tyler and his nasally sidekick Alan Smith, but my personal preference is to hear a shout of delight when a goal is scored. I'm sure many would agree.

Just to prove my point, I'll match Tyler with another commentator on the same day, calling the Manchester City vs. Tottenham game. Bale's goal:

A cracking equalizer in a pulsating game? Could this be the reason for this commentators excitement and delight at a great goal? Let's revisit Tyler calling an equally important goal in Welbeck's winner:

Yawnfest! The United youngster just sealed a crucial victory in his team's quest to catch their city rivals atop the Premier League and this is all we get? Surely he could have done better. 

Nothing is worse than an uninspired commentator. It doesn't ruin the game, but it makes you want their boring voices to stop, rather than continue to inform and delight you. So please, if you're calling a top flight game, make it exciting. Oh, and one more for the road....the absolute batsh*t crazy passionate announcer Carlo Zampa of AS Roma:

This guy might die young. Heart attacks are often fatal.

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  1. no one delivers inspired commentary like ray hudson. second to none.

  2. Jack (Redditch, UK)March 12, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    Watching Arsenal v Newcastle on the internet now and Martin Tyler is doing the commentary. Fully agreed. He's such a dull, boring commentator and always has been. He's sending me to sleep.

    1. You said it brother. Watching as well and was disappointed when his droning voice popped up. Thanks for commenting!

    2. The worst commentator I have ever heard.Less than 50% of his ramblings are comment on the game in question, more about his opinion, which I am not interested in. He can, and does make an exciting game seem like a Party Political Broadcast. Should try and emulate the likes of John Motson and Brian Moore - now they were good and they new their stuff.

    3. He says thee a... before everything

  3. Martin Tyler is without doubt,THE most boring commentator,in the history of the game.He is constantly drowning the viewer with his boring irrelevant facts,rather than commentating on the game itself.

  4. Martin Tyler is not a Play by play commentator. He should be relegated to the sidekick for background info and someone with more passion and excitement should be the play by play caller. He kills the games with his dull delivery.