Wednesday, January 18, 2012

F*ck FIFA '12, I'm Back

FIFA no more, I say.

Pick up your controller and come back to me...

No Javier Pastore I will not!

Sorry for the inactivity over the course of the past few months, but FIFA '12 got me hooked. Navigating the Head to Head Seasons competition with PSG enveloped my life for a few hours each day. It's like a drug, really. When you lose, you play more because you want to win. And when you win, the going is good, so you play more! What a conundrum.

I managed to frustratingly fall short of cup titles, Division 1 promotion, and other accolades, because of gamers who want to win so bad the only teams they select are Real Madrid, Barcelona, or the Spanish national team. Not fair, b*tches. After being relegated from Division 2 I made up my mind to do something more productive with my time like write about soccer or play it. So here we are. I am dedicated to writing first, gaming second. 

What's on the docket, you ask? Well, I don't know. All the football gossip you crave? You bet. It's the transfer window, after-all, so let's start with some juicy rumors from our friends over at Football Spy:

 Stay tuned for more fun folks. And bear with me, I'm in FIFA rehab.

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