Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Houston Dynamo: Ching Lust

I have been following the Houston Dynamo - Montreal Impact - Brian Ching three-way with curiosity since their tango began during the MLS expansion draft some months ago. Basically, the overview of the situation is:

1) Houston put Ching in the draft expecting no one to take him.
2) Expansion team Montreal scooped up Ching expecting to a) keep the hard-working forward or b) deal him back to Houston and make out better than one draft pick would have gotten them.
3) Ching is in the middle of a confusing situation wanting to go back home to Houston.

Brian Ching: Kicked in the face by Houston, this time around
As of late, Ching played against the Dynamo in a preseason friendly, and currently has been given leave by the Impact to head back Houston to negotiate personal terms, since both teams are feverishly working on a deal. Great news for Ching, who did not want to leave home in the first place. Great news for Montreal, who are likely to get more than the bargained for upon selecting Ching. Great news for Houston, because...?

Why is Houston pining to buy back Brian Ching? First of all, the Dynamo put him in this position by exposing him to the expansion draft. It was a risk they took. Second, he's 33 years old and pretty much at the end of his career. Does it make sense to spend more to buy him back given these factors?

What's glaring in this interchange is the mistake made by Dynamo leaders to let this happen. They will lose more than they gain in this interaction because of their mistake. The willingness of Houston to go above and beyond to buy Ching back, is baffling. They made a mistake, they need to let him go.

One point we must acknowledge is Brian Ching's attitude during all of this. Though it was clear he wanted to be at his home in Houston, he put his knuckles to the brimstone and did his job in Montreal. He acted like a true professional throughout. Credit must be give to the humble forward.

But seriously Houston, get over your Ching lust.

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