Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Know Deadline Day Is Disappointing When...

Carlos Tevez doesn't repulse another suitor 
Seriously who would want this guy on their team?
Was anyone else disappointed to not hear about a failed Tevez deal? I was shocked. My dislike of Tevez is so strong, I take pleasure in hearing that a team is interested in him, then instantly repulsed by him moments later.

Sully Muntari matters
No picture needed, since he doesn't actually matter at all. The Inter and whatever English team he was on want-away really isn't that big of a signing. The fact that Inter fans could care less about one of their players going on loan to city rivals Milan is evidence alone. 

Louis Saha is a major signing
Saha in better days...

I like Tottenham, but what kind of move is this? The aging Frenchman is having a torrid year and is not really in good health. The only thing I can see him doing, to quote Soccernet's live commentary, is riding the pine and joining Ledley King in the physio's room. 

David Pizarro is actually in football news
I love Roma and am a huge fan of Pizarro, but never in a million years did I think he would be splashed across football's front pages this morning. He's old. He's always injured. He's hardly played this year. If anything, the news should start with "Why, Man City?" I hope he plays the way I know he can, but I really don't see why this was huge news. 

English teams don't splash Jan. 2011 cash on ridiculous players
Players in cars - universal transfer signifier
Last January was quite the spectacle in modern football. Moves were made at the penultimate moment, big cash was spent, and sh*t just happened and surprised the world. What happened this year England??? Only Gary Cahill. Borrrrrrrring.

Inter act like Inter
First they sell their anchor in the midfield Thiago Motta, effectively shocking the football world. Then they pull a Massimo Moratti loop-de-loop and scoop up Angelo Palombo and Fredy Guarin on loan! What is it with Inter and needing to make transfer for the sake of making transfers? 

You're an Arsenal fan
No description needed.

Anyone else have anything to add?

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