Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Funny Look-A-Likes

Today is certainly a joyus day, given the proximity to the weekend and return of the Serie A. In the spirit of this delicious Thursday and at the request of one of Sensible Soccer's favorite commentors, I bring you 10 funny look-a-likes in world football:

Fernando Torres Liverpool -- Emma Watson Harry Potter
Who's that pouty-faced teenage girl trudging up and down the pitch? How did she make it to this level?? Wait, it's Fernando Torres, who looks quite similar to Emma Watson of the Harry Potter series.

Daniele De Rossi AS Roma -- The Beast Beauty and the Beast
Daniele De Rossi's incredulous screaming on the field certainly brings out the beast in him. It also makes him look like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast The Second Season. I'm not surprised, given DDR's marauding nature, but I am confused about the need for a second season of Disney's fabled classic.

Ronaldinho AC Milan -- Jar Jar Binks Star Wars: Episode II
Misa go back to Brasil disa transfer window? Sensibles Soccers dinks so! Ronaldinho is Jar Jar Binks. George Lucas must have seen a picture of the Brazilian magician then immediately created the most ridiculous character in Star Wars history. Sorry Ronnie. I still think you are great!

Sotirios Kyrgiakos Liverpool -- Razor Ramon WWF
Hey, chico. Kyrgiakos should be proud of his striking similarly to legendary WWF wrestler Razor Ramon, seen above with the title belt. If it wasn't for Liverpool's Patterson & Brisco form, I am sure he would be prouder. A word of advice to strikers: beware of the Kyrgiako's Edge. That move hurts, trust me. 

Pavel Nedved Juventus -- Ken Street Fighter
The golden-haired boy from the Czech Republic, who made a name for himself during Juventus' ripe years, got his look from Street Fighter. Naturally, Nedved would be Ken because no one likes Ken. Stop stealing your moves from Ryu.

Maxi Lopez Catania -- Ryan Hansen Party Down
Every match I see Maxi Lopez play in (i.e. this morning versus Roma) I always think of the guy from Party Down. Lopez looked a lot more like Ryan Hansen in today's match than he does in this picture, but you get the gist of it. 

Julio Baptista Malaga -- Terminator's Metal Skeleton Terminator Series
From the moment Baptista donned a giallorossi shirt, I thought he looked sort of like the Terminator's metal skeleton. Look at that cranium, for goodness sake! Most recently, Baptista took his metal-shaped dome back to Spain where he will feature for Malaga.

Referee Howard Webb English Premier League -- Uncle Fester The Addams Family
I found this little diddy and am still laughing about it as you read! Look at their bald heads!! One would gather there is a striking difference in personality though. Imagine Webb's face/reaction upon seeing this blog! "Sensible?! Afraid not!"

Hernanes Lazio -- Butthead Beavis and Butthead
I love making Lazio look ridiculous. But today (and everyday) Hernanes is achieving my goal by looking like Butthead. I can only hope he possesses Butthead's incessant laugh. I guess Lichtsteiner could be Beavis?

Emmanuel Adebayor Manchester City -- Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction
A royal with cheese?? What the... Ade is back on my blog and looking like the bad-mother Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction. If only he grew mutton chops, the resemblance would be perfect! I'd wager Ade would love to team up with Samuel L. and take down Roberto Mancini hard for not playing him often.

I hope you all enjoyed this Thursday blog! Perhaps I'll make every Thursday a fun one. And Please let me know which similarity you think is the best and who I missed. Stay tuned for another edition of Sensible Soccer this weekend.


  1. awesome. love it.
    the razor ramon one is the best.
    the butthead one is good too lol

  2. this is hilarious. my fav is jar jar binks.

  3. I'm in tears razor ramon, uncle fester, and samuel l jackson. .. I didn't know they played soccer. HeheheHAHAHA

  4. so funny, if you ever make a new list let me know
    beavis and samuel jackson were too good