Monday, January 17, 2011

Fantastic Strikes!

It seems this weekend was ripe with blockbuster goals! I thought it would be prudent to share with you a few which I found particularly fantastic:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - AC Milan vs. Lecce

Another unbelievable strike by Ibra. Make no mistake, this man was not hitting and hoping. The talented Swede took a quick glance over his shoulder while taking the ball down in stride (amazing) to see Lecce's goalkeeper Antonio Rosati off his line. The result - a ridiculously casual finish. Incredible!

Alberto Aquilani - Juventus vs. Bari

The former Roma dangerman and Liverpool loanee can still hammer them in dramtically! Aquilani saved the Bianconeri further Serie A embarrassment by hitting a 'Gerrardesque' goal late on to give the Old Lady (what a horrible nickname) the win. Bravo Alberto!

Cani - Villarreal vs. Osasuna

Cani's wonderful midfield strike is surely a candidate for European goal of the season. Goals from the halfway line are always special, but Cani's effort that sealed a 2-1 victory for the Yellow Submarine (what an awesome nickname) was truly spectacular. This was hardly a floater - it was drilled in from deep! Cani's supreme awareness spotted the keeper out and his ability made a hero of him.

Carlos Tevez - Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
<a href="" target="_new" title="PL Highlights: Man City/Wolves">Video: PL Highlights: Man City/Wolves</a>
Carlos Tevez's wonderful solo effort versus four Wolves defenders and the keeper (55 seconds into the video) shows his wonderful control with the ball at his feet. A nice brace for the Argentinian in his first game with new strike-partner Edin Dzeko.

Andres Iniesta - Barcelona vs. Malaga

Last week's Ballon d'Or failure didn't stop Andres Iniesta from scoring a splendid goal! This man certainly has a flair for delicately placed shots, and this goal is evidence of it. Iniesta's supreme one-time control of Dani Alves' pass from outside the 18 was brilliant, as the Spaniard kissed the post with his well-placed shot. Very nice.

Roberto Carlos - Corinthians vs. Portuguesa

And last but certainly not least, a throwback from the past: a breathtaking Roberto Carlos set-piece! Watch as the wiley old Brazilian tricks the goalkeeper on a corner kick with yet another special 'other-ways bend' goal. Carlos still has the beautiful swerve that made him a star for club and country.

Any goals of note that I missed from this weekend? As always, let me know your favorite out of the bunch.


  1. Wow.. what a weekend for goals. Our hometown boy Maurice Edu added a nice one on his return to Rangers. Check it:

  2. Wow, good look. Well taken by Maurice. And what an excellent name he has! I hope he can move on to a bigger club/league in the next few years...could be good for Brazil!

    Looks like Liverpool is trying to make some waves by the end of the month...crossing my fingers for Suarez.