Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deadlocks in the Transfer Window

This transfer window has been exceptional thus far, as many big names have completed transfers to top teams. However, it has also been unnerving. Teams have stalled deals by disagreeing on transfer fees and players have held up moves by asking for higher wages. The inability to make deals has caused a myriad of transfer window headlines, which detail every flinch made during deadlocked talks, on a daily basis. Being there are only a few days left in this window, I thought it would be prudent to present a few deadlocked transfer sagas:

David Luiz Benfica to Chelsea
Chelsea's need for a quality centre back is clear, given the departure of Ricardo Carvalho in the Summer, the chronic injuries to Alex and John Terry's increasing age. Accordingly, the Blues have taken a run at Benfica's top defender, David Luiz. The champions showed their urgency for the player by making first contact early in the transfer window. The Portugese side have responded by continually upping the price tag and dragging out the move. Could you blame them, given Chelsea's piggy bank? Benfica are looking for £25 million. Reports today state Chelsea are willing to pay £21.5 million, plus one of the club's young players. Will this move finally go through? I'd like to see it happen. See the Soccernet and reports for more information.

Luis Suarez Ajax to Liverpool
There isn't a team out there who could use the services of the Uruguayan hitman, Luis Suarez, more than Liverpool. The struggling club have taken a big shot at the Ajax striker, in what would be a spectacular move. Initially, the Reds wanted to offer money and Ryan Babel in exchange for Suarez, but the deal was squashed earlier in the week (with Babel ultimately completing a move to Bundesliga side Hoffenheim). Suarez seems to want this move, and the Amsterdam club seems intent on selling him, yet negotiations have been unsuccessful thus far. Earlier this week, Ajax decided to give Liverpool until Saturday to make a final bid. Liverpool's initial bid was £15 million. Ajax values the player at a very inflated £35 million, and have stated they would accept no less than £25 million for the player. I, along with my friends at Football Spy, believe Liverpool needs to hold strong and wait Ajax out on this price. A probable bid could be somewhere around £20 million, plus one of the club's younger players. I would love to see Liverpool get this player, but it may be yet another failure for the hard-luck Reds.

Charlie Adam Blackpool to Liverpool
Another tense, ongoing negotiation involving Liverpool is for Blackpool's midfielder Charlie Adam. The two teams are at a stand-off, as Blackpool are asking for a ridiculous £12 million for the player, who I would value at £5 million, tops. Liverpool need to keep their offer on the table and let it stand as a 'take it or leave it', since they really have nothing to lose in this transfer.

Robbie Keane Tottenham to West Ham
Out of favor, aging striker Robbie Keane has been the subject of many rumors throughout this window. Tottenham reportedly struck a deal with Birmingham for the striker, but Keane's wage negotiation with the side failed epically, as he refused to take a pay cut. So, here we are Robbie. Keane had a deal, fumbled it, and is now being forced to either perish in reserves or join West Ham on loan. I think we'll see Keano at Upton Park next week.

Sean Wright-Phillips Manchester City to Fulham, Bolton, Newcastle
That little bundle of energy, Sean Wright-Phillips, is again on the move as another club have frozen him out of a star-studded lineup. Manchester City are said to be asking £4 million for the player, but interested parties would rather have him on loan. Football Spy reports that Man City is even willing to let Wright-Phillips go on a free transfer, in an effort to lure Fulham, Bolton or Newcastle into picking up his £65K/week price tag. Wherever the talented England international ends up, he will make an immediate impact.

These seem to be the largest deadlocks in the window at the moment. Check out today's Football Spy for a more comprehensive look:

It should be interesting to see who moves where in the next few days. It is almost assured we will see a dramatic last hour transfer, given the activity in the market over the past month.

Enjoy the rest of the window and stay tuned for Sensible Soccer's review of this January's moves.

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