Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanks Football Spy!

It's official: Football Spy is incredibly awesome. After yesterday's post of adoration for Football Spy's diligent work during transfer windows, I decided to email and tell them my thoughts. In my message, I showered them with much deserved praise and urged them to dedicate one minute per show on a foreign league, since their show is based mainly around the Premier League. At best, I thought I would receive an email of recognition from Spy, but they completely surprised me by mentioning me in today's show! What a lively lunch-hour it has turned out to be! Please view the show, below (pay special attention around the 4:20 mark):

Thanks to Football Spy for the mention and also for similarly thinking it's ridiculous that Ronaldinho join Blackburn. Even the Rovers' directors were too embarrassed to admit their offer!

Please email Football Spy at Spy@mirror.co.uk to 1) give them props 2) urge them to speak more on foreign leagues and 3) tell them how awesome Sensible Soccer is!

Stay tuned for more valued transfer news from Football Spy on their YouTube home or Footytube's front page. And thanks to all for reading!


  1. That's awesome man. The 4:20 thing is cool too.

  2. Thanks man. Did you hear Baptista transferred to Malaga, FINALLY, and apparently had 4,000 fans waiting for him upon his arrival...man, were they disappointed.